2020 Summer Reading and Exercise Challenge!





Children, Teens, and Adults are all invited to participate in our 2020 Summer Reading and Exercise Challenge! The first step for registration is now open for this year’s virtual program!

Go to http://blodgettmemorialny14.readsquared.com/ to register!

Beginning next Monday, July 6th, you’ll finish the registration process and start logging in minutes reading and exercising, and as you reach milestones you’ll earn digital badges and be entered into our grand prize drawing that will be announced the week of August 24th!

The goal is to spend 30 minutes a day reading and 20 minutes a day exercising, whether it’s stretching, swimming, running, walking, dancing, bicycling, standing, jumping, or playing sports, it all counts!

Every Monday we’ll have a new Story Walk constructed on the library grounds and we’ll have a virtual event or storytime and each Friday will be First Chapter Friday, where we’ll read the first chapter of a book for weekend reading inspiration!

We have some awesome special guests contributing to this year’s program so stay tuned!

Any questions or trouble registering, please email blodgettmemoriallg@gmail.com